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Pet Pillows

My pet pillow inspiration started in 1996 after adopting a retired racing greyhound named Thayne. When I went out to shop for a bed big enough for him to sleep on, I could not find one for under $100! So, I pulled out my mom’s old sewing machine and thought “I will just make one myself". After many revisions, the beds I make now are the most comfortable and durable. They can be custom made to fit any size.

How are they made?

I start by cutting sponge foam into strips and then cut those into one inch square pieces by hand. Covers are made from pre-washed and dried upholstery or fur material and have a zippered outer cover and zippered inside lining. They are double stitched on all seams for durability and the fur versions are zig zaged along the edges to prevent fraying. All sizes are 4” thick at the corners and about 10 inches deep in the middle.


Measure the length of your dog when lying flat from the tip of the nose to the base of the tail. Add a few inches to the measurement to get the proper length of the bed. The length of your dog matters more than the weight and if they like to sleep stretched out or curled up.


Elaine's Pet Pillows are now made to be 100% wash and dryable! The material used in all beds is pre-washed and dried before cutting. The outside cover can be washed and dried on a regular setting and can be vacuumed in between washings.

The liners are now made with a zipper so you can take the foam cubes out. Just put the cubes in a mesh laundry bag, and run the bag through the washer and dryer. The bags I use are 24 x 36 and it works best when you only fill them 3/4 of the way full. You can fit 2 bags in a regular sized washer and dryer at once, so it will take 2 loads to do a large bed. The foam will float, so make sure when your washing cycle starts, you push the foam down so it's completely covered under water. It comes out like brand new! I also have just washed and dried the foam cubes loose without a bag, but that only works for top loading washers. You can now purchase a new liner separate to update your old bed. After washing, make sure the corners of the pillow are aligned with the corners of the cover to get it to re-stuff properly.

Pet Pillows come in a large variety of colors, patterns and different types of upholstery materials as well as furs and fuzzy fleece.  Match your furniture, your dog or just get crazy! Velboa fur, certain Minky fur's are the most durable for the diggers because it has some stretch (there is a $15 surcharge for minky fabrics because its double the price per yard compared to other options).

Do you have a different style bed that you like but just need a new inside for it? Send me the cover and I can custom make a zippered lining, then fill it with my foam cube stuffing.

Prices and Sizes

X-Large: Large Greyhounds, Great Danes

40” wide x 50” long ---------------------$135

Cover Only --------------------------------$70

Zippered Liner only---------------------$30

Large: Greyhounds, Dobermans, and Labs

* Best Seller *

35” wide x 45” long ----------------$110

Cover Only -------------------------- $60

Zippered Lining only ---------------$25

Medium: Pugs, Shitzus, Shelties

30” wide x 40” long -------------------- $90

Cover Only -------------------------------$50

Zippered Liner only----------------------$20

Small: Terriers, Italian Greys, Yorkies, Cats

22” wide x 30” long --------------------$45

Cover Only -------------------------------$25

Foam Cubes Only (filling)

$25 per box

(3 boxes fill an XL, 2.25 fill a Large and 1.5 fill a medium)

Ordering and Payment

NOTE (Oct. 2021) - Due to the lack of supplies through the covid shutdown that are continuing, I am a year backordered at this point.  I am currently adding people to the list and will contact you when I'm getting closer to starting your order.  Thank you for understanding and having patience during these times.  


UPDATE (1/1/23) - I will be taking a sabbatical for a while and not taking any new orders.  I hope to resume pillow making at some point in the next few years.  Thank you!  

UPDATE (12-13-23):

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas! I'm officially announcing the close of my Pet Pillow business. It has been a wonderful few decades getting to know all of you and your beloved fur babies! Thank you for your friendships and photo's of your pets enjoying their pet pillows. I will cherish them forever!


Some Satisfied Pet Pillow Customers!

If you have a cute picture of your pet enjoying an Elaine's Pet Pillow,

please share it with us! Email it to

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