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About Me

My entire family has always had a love and desire to work with animals. My brother is a veterinarian and my Dad was one for 47 years!  I was involved with retired racing greyhound adoption from 1995 - 2015 helping over 2,048 dogs find their forever homes. It wasn’t until 2004 that God presented me with the opportunity to combine my passion with a career after being unexpectedly laid off. Little did I know after earning an undergraduate degree in Exercise Physiology and masters in Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation, I would have the opportunity to start my own pet services business. How many people actually have the privilege of saying they love getting up for work every day?


I believe in using positive reinforcement and Force Free training methods. Since learning about canine body language years ago, I have come to see that it’s one of the biggest things that deepens our relationships with our animals and it’s the one thing most pet owners have never been taught. Imagine going to another country without learning the language first. It would be a frustrating trip not only for you, but also those you encounter. That’s how our dogs live every day until we understand their language – which is very different than ours. Did you know there are 6 different barking classifications and 30 different body language signals dogs give to each other and us to communicate? It’s something I get excited to teach families about!!


I make it a priority to attend seminars as much as possible to learn what's new in dog training/behavior, nutrition and health. I have fostered 66 greyhounds, owned 5 and have extensive experience working with reactive and fearful dogs.


I am a big believer that feeding a healthy and natural diet is a necessary base for allowing our pets to thrive both mentally and physically. I see the benefits of treating all animals with a holistic approach to care (looking at the body as a whole) that incorporates both traditional (western) and alternative (eastern) based practices and always keep an open mind to learning new things. What works for one dog may not work for another. The Whole Dog Journal is an amazing monthly resource guide to the latest information on positive based training, how to deal with behavioral issues, health care, food, etc. and I highly recommend it for every dog owner (


Since 1998, I voluntarily organized and participated in pet therapy programs at various local nursing homes. It's amazing how a visit from an animal will put a sparkle in someone’s eye and bring a smile to their face when nothing else in life can anymore. I am a member and volunteer at Orchard Hill Church in Wexford, which is an inter-denominational contemporary Christian biblical church. I participate in bible studies, am on the usher team, security team, and Co-facilitate the Mosiac singles 40 and over group.  It's important for my customers and clients to know that throughout the day, whether I'm in your house taking care of your pets or working with you one on one, I think about being held accountable to a higher authority and want all my actions and decisions to be pleasing to God and therefore, pleasing to you. 

I can’t wait to get the chance to spoil your pets as if they were my own!

My Mandi and I!

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